The Fan Meta Reader


The Fan Meta Reader is dedicated to bringing thought-provoking, theoretically innovative, and stylistically unique fan analysis – meta – to a wide readership. The Reader is committed to bridging the divide between academic and fan writing on television, film, and fandom, offering a place for thoughtful work that doesn’t fit within a traditional academic publishing framework; equally, the Reader aims to demonstrate the breadth of fan writing, which is not confined to fan fiction alone.

We are always soliciting recommendations from readers. With the (general) exception of ship-related meta [10/10/14 – currently NOT accepting Sherlock/Hannibal meta, simply because we’re full-up], we’re interested in almost anything: show-centric analysis, reflections on fandom and fan practices, and so on. If you would like to recommend something for consideration, please contact us. Be sure to include a link to the piece in your email, and please let us know if this is something you’ve written, or if you’re recommending it on behalf of someone else.

Authors retain all rights to their work. Please contact the administrator for inquiries.

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