The Fan Meta Reader

The Fan Meta Reader 2015 Masterpost

It really does take a village to bring you The Fan Meta Reader, and I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who made this year’s posts possible, including every writer who gave their permission to have their work posted here, the unflagging assistance of co-curators Jess Glass and Kirsty Worrow, and everyone who recommended meta for inclusion in 2015.  It was a terrific year for fan analysis and criticism – our great thanks to everyone who read and spread the word this past year!

Difference and the Critical Possibility of Sherlock” (abrae/acafanmom)

The Moffat Era and Monikers: ‘The Girl Who Waited’ and ‘The Impossible Girl’ in Context” (tillthenexttimedoctor)

#Hannibal Did This… and So Should Everyone Else” (storyalchemy)

Disney Owns Everything! | The Disney Synergy Song” (Mudville)

What’s the Point of Modern Adaptation?” (violethuntress)

On Female Characters and Femslash in the Silmarillion Fandom” (veyfanyar)

For all the women I have loved who were dragged through the mud” (aiffe)

The Season Finale of Football” (ajnabieh)

I want my hobbies back” (kiriamaya)

The Work vs The Game: Perceptions of Labor and Leisure in Sherlock” (notagarroter)

Round-up: TheoryOfFicgate” (learnfromthewintertrees)

Normal is a Social Construct (and hella lame) – Michel Foucault and the Quest for the Holy Grail” (schadenfreudessa)

Okay we have to have a talk” [Jupiter Ascending] (aiffe)

On Tolkien and Anglo-Saxon Myth” (lintamande)

The Invisible Man(liness)” (Evan Hayles Gledhill)

Sherlock, Sally and Otherness” (pennypaperbrain)

The Kinematics AOU Meta You Didn’t Know You Needed” (quiescentire)

Fandom in/as Contact Zone” (tea-and-liminality)

Mad Max and Homer’s Odyssey” (earlhamclassics)

My Reaction to Mad Max: Fury Road and the Utter Perfection that is Imperator Furiosa” (nospockdasgay)

The Lion in the Room – Predatory Discourse in NBC’s Hannibal” (Kirsty Worrow)

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow” (thoughtfulfangirling)

‘This is my design’: Transgression and Possession by Hannibal‘s Cannibals” (plain-flavoured-english)

thoughts of a gen x-er potterhead” (darthstitch)

why is it always sun and/or capheus getting headcanoned as aro and/or ace by allo people?” (queerhawkeye)

Max’s Violation: A Substitute for the Prisoners’ Pain” (thoughtfulfangirling)

Defying Orders: Kingdom of Hearts Meta” (thekingmickey)

Hail HYDRA and Heil Hitler? Hydra and Nazi Ideology” (lauralot89)

Why What You Just Watched with Dany was Totally Unearned” (gotgifsandmusings)

Trading Kittens for Coitus: The Adaptation of Margaery and Tommen in Game of Thrones” (theculturalvacuum)

Steve Rogers and PTSD” (assetandmission)

A Note on the Whole Fake Geek (Fill in the Blank) Thing” (teaberryblue)

Feminized Men: Why do women identify with Marvel’s baddies?” (plain-flavoured-english)

Fandom and the Intersection of Feminism and Race” (diversehighfantasy)

“‘Let’s find out what the ghost wants’: Why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Gothic Fiction” (mathildia)

Jupiter Ascending and the Female Gaze” (fuckyeahjupiterascending)

Things About Fandom That Stand Out to Me” (womanistglasses)

Crimson Peak, a Love Letter” (noncorporealform)

In Defense of William Shatner’s Acting” (shatnerian)

Why I think the ‘love triangle’ in The Hunger Games is actually really, really important” (titania522)

From the South Pole Iceberg to the Republic City Portal: A Critical Study of the Avatar Franchise, Part One” (scarvesandcelery)

The Women of ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Mutiny Against the Male Antihero” (Iliketowatch)

For Great Justice! Retributive vs Consequentialist Justice in Equestria” (analysisismagic)

Writing Better Damsels in Distress” (betterbemeta)

Bond, James Bond: Skyfall, Sirk, and Identity” (tonipontificates)

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