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The Fan Meta Reader 2014 Masterpost

A Strange Yellow Squiggle: Racism in The Blind Banker” and “Arabialock: the Karachi Conundrum,” by mid0nz

The Economics of Fandom: Value, Investment, and Invisible Price Tags,” by saathi1013

Not Actually What They Said,” by flybaldies

How to Character Design for the Womens,” by shattered-earth

‘I do not gaze at Scully’: Rain King: The X-Files’ Response to Mulvey,” by memories_child

Hannibal Lecter and the Subversion of the Male Gaze,” by tenebrica

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Sherlock,” by professorfangirl

Thor 2: How to Understand Your Audience (and the Power of Fandom),” by bemusedlybespectacled

Establishment Culture, or Why Supernatural Is Just as ‘Good’ a Show as Supernatural,” by fangirlingthebook

Queer Representation in the Media,” by queensuperjelly

This is an Allegory: Meta on Snowpiercer,” by elucipher

How Fanfiction Makes Us Poor,” by cupids bow

His Not-Last Vow,” by aderyn

Will Graham Takes the Beltway: Geography in Hannibal,” by dignityisforotherpeople

In Which Amal Puts Her Philosophy Teacher Hat On,” by Amal Nahurriyeh

A Sense of Belonging,” by Elizabeth Minkel

The ‘Spotlight Effect’ in Media and Fandom,” by saathi1013

Canon Shenanigans: The Limits of Canon and the Legitimacy of Fanworks,” by tonipontificates

What’s a Little Racial Violence Amongst Gods? An analysis of the film Thor and how it (doesn’t) deal with racism,” by schadenfreudessa

‘The Potter Books are Radical’,” by phoenix-ace

In Defense of Feels,” by mithen

Psychiatrists; Somnambulists: The Influence of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari On Brian Fuller’s Hannibal,” by meejaleibling

Citizen Kane and His Last Vow,” by mid0nz

Slash Wife Syndrome,” by madlori

This is Why I Treat Fandom Like It’s Important (Because It Is),” by saathi1013

In Defense of the Reboot – what the new generation of Trek movies brings to the canon,” by anifanatical

I made tributes to the Supermen and Batmen, so it felt only fitting to include all 73 years of Wonder Women too,” by hitokirivader

Champagne from a Slipper: When Fandom Was Acceptably Male,” by Veronica Horwell

Answering the Critics of Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Fall’,” by othermelissawyatt

Brief Critical Analysis on Themes on In the Flesh,” by The Graveyard Girl

Diaspora, Immigration and Identity in Avatar: the Last Airbender,” by irresistible-revolution

(Sherlock) Season 3: The Mirror of the Troll,” by cantadora_09 (translated by pennypaperbrain)

The Normal Love of the Aca-Fan (On Slash),” by eyanfire (translated by Lori Morimoto)

Fandom and Ew, Girls,” by Jessica Sowards

A meditation on unrequited, fangirl love, and Trent Reznor,” by unreconstructedfangirl

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